Best travel loans

Know how to get Best Travel Loans:

Loan4wish is here to help you in finding you  best travel loans . Plan your holiday and don’t worried about money just contact us to find your best travel loans options.

When and why should you take a travel loan for vacation?

You should opt for a vacation loan if:

  • You are keen to enjoy life with your loved ones and no longer want to postpone your holiday plans due to want of immediate funds
  • Reluctant to spend lump-sum money on luxury vacation expenses
  • Not willing to liquidate your savings and lose interest income on long term savings instruments such as Fixed Deposits, NSCs to spend on your holidays
  • Are placed in a well paying profession and are confident of repaying your loans/dues on time

It may be beneficial to check the best personal travel loan deals offered by banks directly or on online platforms like Loan4wish. There are two popular options for financing travel:

  • Unsecured Personal Loan from Banks

Banks and other lenders offer best travel loans to fund holidays. Key features of such loans are:

  • Loans for travel in and outside India
  • Loans of up to Rs 5 lakh, subject to the limit of actual travel expenses and eligibility
  • Quick processing with minimal paperwork
  • Loans available for tenure of 3-24 months, payable in easy EMI’s
  • Interest rate from 10.5 % -20%
  • Loan processing fees of 1% -3%

Personal  Loan for vacation can be easily availed across the top Indian cities by salaried professionals. For more information on the documents required and the eligibility criteria for personal loan contact us.  You can also calculate your eligibility using emi calculator.

Loan4Wish provides easy of loan approval with comparing interest rates of multiple banks for you.The system helps you find correct Loan Provider and ability to compare different interest rates. This makes it easy when you want’s more than one bank interest rates comparison,or in cases when the credit score is not so good.Loan Approval in 24 Hours.

Advantages of Taking a Personal Loan for Travel

  1. You can travel quickly if there is an impromptu plan, as personal loan approval and disbursal happens quickly.
  2. No need to pledge collateral.
  3. Avail an instant personal for travel with a hassle-free application and minimal documentation.
  4. A cheaper option than a credit card.
  5. You get to choose the tenure as per your repayment ability.
  6. You can travel to any destination. There is no restriction as such.

Before you apply for a personal loan for your travel needs, check the eligibility criteria set by the lender. Fix a budget first and then use the EMI calculator for a personal loan to gauge how much you will have to pay monthly once you are back. Some lenders also give you the option to start your tenure once you are back from the vacation. This way you can be prepared to manage your finances better.


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